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The Corporation

The DDF offers you a great opportunity to participate in the growing domain monetization business. The roots of the DDF go back to 2006 when the core team of the fund first met and joined forces in order to optimize the returns of their portfolios. In early 2008, the team decided to merge their portfolios into a single one, allowing each of the three founders to concentrate on one part of the business. In early 2009, the team decided to open the fund to investors in its Friends and Family Program. The investment grew quickly and the fund incorporated in the Cayman Islands, which proved to be the ideal location for the first and only domain fund open to investors.

The Team

michael marcovici

Michael Marcovici - Direktor, Domain Expert, CEO

Michael Marcovici’s expertise in online business stretches back to 1991 when the Internet worked without WWW and domains. He is also the founder of the Austria Boersenbrief, a financial expert’s magazine, and was a private equity fund manager for five years. A couple of years later, Michael operated as the biggest eBay power seller worldwide. Michael became involved with domains in 2002 when he started to register, buy and sell valuable domains. In 2005, he intensified his involvement by buying more domains, especially in ccTLD´s such as Austria and Germany. After 2006, Michael became increasingly involved in online businesses, especially domaining, and increased the value of his portfolio. He also founded marshallindex.com in 2008. With more than 20 years of experience in business and expertise in the financial markets, Michael is in charge of domain purchases and the strategic orientation and asset allocation of the fund. Michael developed his own semantic and economic strategy to allocate the most undervalued domains in the market, based on the data derived from hundreds of thousands of domain transactions. Besides the purchasing of domains, Michael is very well connected in the investment and domain industry and has been a frequent guest and speaker at domainer events.

alberto sanz

Alberto Sanz - Director

Mr. Alberto Sanz is a well-respected personality in the online business. Sanz was CEO of eBay Austria & Switzerland and currently holds the position of Managing Director at autoscout24.com, Europe’s largest car classifieds website.

Alberto Sanz de Lama has a degree from the University of Zurich in Business and an MBA from INSEAD at Fonainebleau. He has published numerous articles on e-commerce and online related topics. Alberto Sanz has been a Brand Manager for 5 years at Procter & Gamble in Switzerland and Austria and has been a consultant with McKinsey and Company. He later joined Mobipay in Madrid, a leading online payment platform for JV, BBVA, Vodafone and Amena as a vice president for more than three years.The fund benefits from his extensive expertise in the field of online business and in management as well as his networking skills in the online corporate world.

Philip Schindler - Advisory Board

Philip Schindler, born in 1969, is a successful international entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. Schindler is assisting the Fund as a financial advisor and operates as a key networker for the Fund’s main investors. His activities encompasses industries as diverse as textile production, labels, real estate, and equity investments in Europe, Asia and the U.S. In the last 4 years he became interested in the domain industry and has invested in several prime domains that are now part of the DDF fund portfolio. He is a graduate of the St.Gallen University of Economics and holds an MBA in economics.

Marco Jo Rodzynek - Advisory Board

Marco Jo Rodzynek is the founder of NOAH Advisors, a London-based corporate finance boutique focusing on M&A and raising capital for Internet and technology companies. He also initiated the NOAH Conference to bring together leaders, innovators and investors from the Internet industry to a one-day annual event.
Prior to NOAH, Marco was an Executive Director at Lehman Brothers (acquired by Nomura in late 2008) in their Media Investment Banking Group. He has been an investment banking advisor to Internet and media companies for over 12 years in Europe. Since early 1998, he has been involved in 30 announced M&A deals with a total transaction value of over $95 billion. The deals included many high profile transactions such as the leveraged buyout of Pages Jaunes, and 10 capital market transactions that raised $16 billion, including the IPOs of TomTom, Xing, Delticom and Moneysupermarket.
Marco Rodzynek graduated with a dual Masters Degree in European Business from the University of Portsmouth and the Fachhochschule Münster.